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"Learn Macedonian on-line" organized classes in Macedonian language for;

  • Students from 6 to 18 years old;
  • For adults;
  • For foreigners;

The motives for forming „Learn Маcedonia online" are encouraged to overcome the difficulties that exist in the Diaspora for learning the Macedonian language for the Macedonians that are living in the world.

Outside the borders of the Republic of Macedonia is already growing the third generation of Macedonians. Their native language is English, German, French or another language, depending on the state where they were born, they live and are educated.

Their ties with Macedonia as the country of the origin of their parents, largely, are conditioned by the knowledge of the Macedonian language.

Unless the children have the opportunity to learn the Macedonian language, they slowly but surely will distance from their roots, from Macedonia.

Despite the efforts made in the country, aimed at providing Macedonian language classes in the Diaspora, a very small part of the Macedonians of school age are covered by the classes of this character.

The reasons for this situation are the high expenses required to send teachers from Macedonia in the countries in the world where Macedonians live.

Difficulties arise because of dispersion, the distance of the places where Macedonians live, therefore it difficult their physical presence on the classes in the cities where at this moment is organized.

Due to this situation, we set before us the challenge to organize online classes in accordance with the syllabus prepared by competent educational institutions of the country.

"Learn Macedonian online" will soon offer opportunities for friendship and communication of children of the Diaspora, and also organized to visit and to learn about the history and culture of their homeland, the Republic of Macedonia.

Founder and owner of "Learn Macedonian online";
Mitko Jovanov

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