Online teaching

With „Learn Macedonian online“, you learn the Macedonian language;

  • No matter where you live in the world;
  • From your own home in terms that suit you;
  • You use the time rationally;
  • No need to travel outside your home;
  • Learn and have fun at the same time;
  • Enroll at any time of the year;
  • At any time you can stop learning and continue later when you want;

For attending classes is required

  • Computer / laptop / tablet, standard Internet connection, microphone, camera;
  • Standard knowledge of computer and internet;

Concept of teaching

The teaching program is formed by modern methods applied for learning languages. The lessons are interesting and fun for the students.

Curricula are made by applying the methods of learning to be interesting and students to have fun while learning the Macedonian language.

Online teaching includes:

  • reading;
  • listening;
  • writing;
  • conversation;

Multimedia lectures contain materials in form of text, video, audio, exercises, assignments, tests, conversation with the professor in written, audio and video form.

Teaching is designed in the way that by learning the Macedonian language, students also will learn about history of Macedonia, natural resources, cultural monuments, etc.

Method of mentoring

Teaching is conducted according to the principle of mentoring applied in developed countries.

The teacher:

  • Pays attention individually for the progress of each student in learning the Macedonian language;
  • Pays special attention to the student when he has a problem with some of the teaching material, so he can overcome it on a easiest way (if is necessary even outside the frame of the scheduled classes);
  • The teaching is designed with interesting content to motivate the students to learn Macedonian language on a successful and fun way;

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