Online courses 24/7

Online courses 24/7

Learn 24/7 is e-Learning software specifically created for „Learn Macedonian online“. In the software are installed multimedia courses in Macedonian language.

The multimedia courses contain exercises, tasks, examples, tests, text, image, video, animation, speech, music, that are allowing the students interactively to learn the Macedonian language.

Students at any time can enter into the courses, can stop the learning and later continue, until they finished the course, within period of 10 months.

E-Learning software allows passage of the contents in order, for example, from the first to the second lesson, and thus sequentially. It is not possible to skip a lesson.

The system sends the results of the interactive study automatically via electronic form to the teacher, who is reviewing and returning to the student.

Learn 24/7 is E-Learning software is into phase of preparation

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