Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the online teaching with "Learn Macedonian on-line" works?

  • - To follow the classes is necessary to have a computer connected to a standard Internet connection, speaker, microphone and camera.
  • Average knowledge of computer and Internet is necessary, that the students apply everyday on the computer due to their commitments related to their regular education, and entertainment;
  • Students attend classes from their home.
  • After enrollment, the student receives a password through which he can access the classroom, the library, the calendar of scheduled classes in the multimedia classroom, can have an access to e-Learning software of „Learn Macedonian on-line", contact with his teacher by email.

2. I am not sure that through online classes I can learned the Macedonian language?

  • Facts replaced thousands words, therefore "Learn Macedonian online" allows trail class in a multimedia classroom, where the teacher will introduce you how the classroom works.
  • The aim of the trial class is to introduce you whit the way of teaching, so you can decide whether you what to enroll and learn Macedonian language through "Learn Macedonian on-line".

3. How the groups are form?

  • One group counts five students;
  • According the student’s age;
  • According their knowledge of Macedonian language;
  • According the state and time zone where they live;

4. How are determined the terms for the classes?

  • The term is determined in coordination with the students in a particular group, so it is suitable for all students.

5. How long is one class?

  • Each class lasts from 50 to 60 minutes, and in regular course one class is held once a week. In the days when there are holidays in the country where the students live- there is no classes.

6. I don’t have a time to regularly follow the classes. I‘m seeking advice?

With "Learn Macedonian on-line" you can follow the classes in the terms that suit you. You can stop learning and continue again whenever you want;

  • in the terms that suit you
  • you can stop learning and continue again whenever you want;

7. I know Macedonian language a little; therefore I need a teacher that speaks English so I can follow the classes?

  • Learn Macedonian-online" hires teachers who know English for students who live in Australia, the United States, Canada, England and other countries of the English-speaking world.
  • For students who live in Germany, Austria, Switzerland we have teachers that know the German language, while for the students from France, we have teachers that speak French, and so on.

8. Dilemma: The children have a lot of commitments with their regular education. For these reasons we sometimes think that the Macedonian language classes, may be an additional burden.

  • - The children have fun while are learning the Macedonian language and they spend time on the computer on useful way;
  • The classes are formed by modern methods applied to study languages. The lessons are interesting and fun for the students.
  • In the preparation of curricula are applied modern methods of learning languages for the sole purpose of the learning to be interesting and students to have fun while are learning the Macedonian language.

9. How the teaching is organized?

  • The teaching is based on curricula and textbooks issued by the competent authorities of the Republic of Macedonia: Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Bureau of Education and Development.

10. Are the students going to receive an official document for attending classes?

  • After completing each level of the curriculum in Macedonian language, "Learn Macedonian on-line" issue each student a certificate for successfully attending classes in Macedonian language.

11. Is there an opportunity for the students to get diploma for their knowledge of the Macedonian language and alphabet?

  • "Learn Macedonian on-line" organize exam in Macedonian language before a commission composed of representatives of the competent educational institution of the country. After successfully passing the exam, the student receives a diploma for knowledge of the language and its alphabet.

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